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We have identified 6 social platforms which would be influential in exposing your medical services, brand awareness and the area of your expertise to the patient community, all with just a click of a button.


With 19.5 crore users in India, the world’s largest social networking site is just waiting for you to enter and expand your brand. Imagine the traffic it could create with the right about of medical content generation and its management of your Facebook business page.


Yes, you heard it right. Its Instagram. While you may be wondering the link between an image-centric social platform and healthcare promotion, we are certain of Instagram's strong point - its popularity among the masses. Furthermore, information retention is higher when presented as a visual stimulus rather than as a simple text.


Twitter has this “the shorter the sweeter” motto. In this busy life, people are having lesser time to read long articles and even lesser time to search for one. With the enormous medical related misinformation floating on the internet, authenticated medical information in short tweets has a tremendous impact, creating many new followers and so as patients.


Youtube and Facebook are the top trending social media in India. YouTube has social media tools optimized for viewing, sharing, and embedding digital media content on the internet. As said earlier information retention is higher when presented in a visual stimulus than a simple text. Now imagine its potential in the form of a video.


Through this professional social networking site, combined with the efforts of our scientifically critical medical articles and content media strategies, you could gain a wider connection with the audience, thereby directly increasing your brand value and indirectly increasing newer patients through followers.


How do you feel when your name appears at the Google search list, to anyone who is searching for a doctor who is able to cure the condition or a disease which falls in your area of expertise? With methodical uploading of photos, medical content and responding to reviews combined with correctly managing “Google My Business”, we can make your brand stand out, providing you with newer patients.

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